Big Companies Buying up all the Houses in Atlanta to Rent, cutting out the little man!

If you are trying to purchase a home in Atlanta you know what is going on. All of the houses that are in foreclosure are being purchased by these big companies right on the court house step. Before the for sale sign goes up the house is already purchased. Then they send their crews around to fix up the house (the lawn guy, the painting guy, the garage door guys) they are not just hiring a general carpenter to do all the work, they are buying so many houses so fast these guys do their part of the house and go to the next one. The problem is this is taking out the small guys and the real-estate agents. This is the same reason why I don’t shop at Wal Mart…It looks like more and more people will be renting because with the banks letting them purchase these properties in bulk at discounted prices they will get back their principle in less then 5 years.bizbeat0811

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