JZ and Frank White’s OCEANS samples MODONNA’s Justify My Love

I love the fact that I am 37 years old and have been listening, collecting, and playing music for many years. Most of the producers that are really respected have always been older then me. When they sample most of the time I catch it… YES ROBIN THICK AND PHARELL SAMPLED the hell out of Marvin Gaye and they should pay!!! Here is another Pharrell sample.. (I say Pharrell and not Timberland because Timberland is known not to sample as much) Check out Oceans by Jay Z and Justified my Love by Modonna…. CUT THAT CHECK!! (Listen just to the BEAT)…. I might as well put it into MY MPC too since Modonna do need no extra money…

Jay-Z feat. Frank Ocean and T-Todd (Oceans) from Terrance Todd on Vimeo.


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